Our Story

Since starting my law enforcement career in 2011 I have always struggled to find a way to store and secure all of my duty gear in one place, like many of you it would end up on the floor or piled up on a dresser or bed. Then I would have to store my weapon, mags, tazer, knives etc in a gun safe. I always thought there was a better option that could be developed.

I began to search for a duty gear rack that could support all of the equipment I carry but had an integrated gun safe. After looking at several options I figured I could weld one up myself as I had worked in welding and fabrication shops before law enforcement. 

This is where the original Sheepdog Stand was born, I built my first stand in my garage for me and posted a picture of it on Facebook. After having several people ask if I could build them one I decided to start 1096 Tactical. 

We have come a long way since that first garage built stand all because of the men and women in law enforcement who support us. My goal is to give back as much as I can to the law enforcement community who supports us, that is why a portion of the proceeds from every stand goes to different law enforcement charities. I also try to support law enforcement organizations such as the Fraternal order of police, Utah peace officers association, Project Unbreakable, Metro Gang Unit, Utah gang investigators association, Utah law enforcement memorial etc by donating stands for them the raffle off. By supporting us you are also supporting these great law enforcement organisations. 

I still work full time as a law enforcement officer, all of our products are handmade by me and my wife.  

Watch the video below for more info on our story.